Q. What should I expect from all Leaf Medical doctors?

A. All Leaf Medical doctors vow to give you the best care possible. We listen to your concerns, teach you about your health and help you come up with a plan. All our Leaf Medical doctors are Board Certified physicians. In the United States, less than 30% of primary care doctors are Board-Certified. Board Certification means that our physicians are specialists in their fields and up to date in the ever-changing field of medicine. To learn more about Leaf Medical, please watch our video.


Q. What is your office like?

A. Our state of the art facility is an expansive, 4000 square feet office with energy smart and environmentally friendly furnishings and materials. There are iPads in our 600 square feet waiting area to make your visit as comfortable as possible. All of our examination rooms are larger than the average city physician office and we also have an on-site laboratory.  View gallery.


Q. Can I see different specialists in one day?

A. You are welcomed to make several appointments in one day. At Leaf Medical, we offer all your primary care needs under one roof. You can make an appointment for internal medicinewomen's health and/or pediatrics. Did you know that you could also make a dental appointment with Leaf Dental? Our most popular multi-specialty visit is having your annual physical completed along with your semi-annual dental cleaning.


Q. Can I choose which doctor I want to see?

A. Yes! As a patient, you have the autonomy to see the doctors you would like to see. To see a specific doctor, just make an appointment.


Q. What is the easiest way to get in contact with my doctor?

A. Communication is key at Leaf Medical. You can access your doctor through your patient portal or call during normal office hours. Our doctors promise to respond to you within 24 hours. For emergencies, please call 911 or visit your local emergency room.


Q. Do you offer email access to your doctor and copies of your results?

A. Yes. Through our patient portal, you can review your lab work, email your doctor, and schedule appointments on your home computer or on our mobile application.


Q. I already have a primary care doctor. Can I still join leaf medical?

A. You are welcomed to make an appointment to meet our doctors. However, in order to become a member, you must transfer your care to one of our Leaf Medical doctors.


Q. What if i cannot be present for my child's visit?

A. To protect your child's safety and health, legal guardians must be present for the first visit to complete all paperwork and provide consent for medical treatment. If your child is an existing patient, the legal guardian must have a completed consent form allowing another adult to bring in the patient and make health decisions for him/her.


Q?How much do your services cost if I don't have medical insurance?

A. At Leaf Medical, we believe excellent health care should be accessible to everyone. Our transparent fee schedule makes that easy.


Q?Why does the Blue Leaf member have a non-waiveable membership fee?

A. We offer the Blue Leaf membership to accommodate our very busy patients that cannot come during normal weekday hours. The membership fee helps to pay overtime coverage for our staff, doctors and other expenses.


Q?How can I cancel and reschedule?

A.To cancel and/or reschedule an appointment, please call our office. Please note that cancellations and rescheduling appointments are time sensitive and may incur additional fees. To learn more about our cancellation and rescheduling policies, please visit our policy page.


Q?Do I need to be a Leaf Medical member to be a Leaf Dental patient?

A.No. You do not need to be a Leaf Medical member to enjoy Leaf Dental benefits and vice versa. However, please note that treatments at Leaf Dental do not fulfill your annual visit obligation at Leaf Medical. Also, Leaf Medical and Leaf Dental registrations, services, and policies are different and separate.