At Leaf Medical, we know women have a specialized set of health care needs. Every doctor at Leaf Medical takes a vow to put your health first. We learn your needs. We teach you about your health and we help you come up with a plan. Our board certified physicians specialize in women’s health. As a medical practice, affiliated with the top hospital in New York and one of the best in the country, Weill Cornell Medical School-New York Presbyterian Hospital, we can put you in contact with top specialists who can give you the best care you deserve. We know your life is busy and your time is important so at Leaf Medical, you can make an appointment for your child’s health with one of our Leaf Pediatric Physicians or schedule a visit for your health with one of our Internists on the same day.

  Dr. Stephanie Shaps MD, Board Certified Pediatrician

Dr. Stephanie Shaps MD, Board Certified Pediatrician




Yearly well exam
Breast exams
Menstrual disorders
Exercise and nutrition counseling
Eating disorder treatment


Counseling and Education
Free Seminars
Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening
Cervical Cancer Screening with Pap Smear
Breast cancer screening
Birth Control counseling and prescriptions
Preventive immunizations: HPV, Hepatitis
Osteoporosis treatment and prevention
Urinary Tract Infections


Suture Removal
Incision and Drainage
Foreign body removal