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“Leaf Medical’s mission is to deliver comprehensive care in a caring, reliable, efficient and environmentally smart manner. Our vision is to become the recognized performance leader in both modern medical practice and service. Being a performance leader means connecting with our patients both inside and outside the office, in an effort, to prevent disease onset and encourage patients to live healthy lives. ”



The new look of healthcare

"Leaf Medical is like a utopia for healthcare.  Why can't all medical offices be like this?!"

Alma P.  |  Leaf medical patient




Reviews we love

#1 on YELP (see all reviews)

"There are no words for how incredible this practice is. Easy and on time are imperative with sick babies and toddlers who have zero patience to wait. Leaf is on time every single time, the team is extremely courteous and Dr Shaps is fantastic with my children. I never imagined going to the doctor could be such a (dare I say it?...) joy!  Professional, helpful, and genuinely interested to help. Email follow ups are so helpful when it's snowing out and I have a sick little one at home. I'm very appreciative for Dr Shaps open communication for any medical questions I have."

-Michelle T (YELP)

Dr. Sunwoo and her team are amazing. It was seamless, paperless, efficient, and high-quality. I am so happy that I found them and I am no longer worried about whether or not I will have the excellent quality of care I received before moving to Brooklyn two months ago. Highly rated for anyone looking for great care, excellent service, and efficiency!

-T.I. (YELP)

1000+ perfect reviews on ZOCDOC (see all reviews)

Everything about this visit was excellent. From the office design, the friendly staff, to the doctor, and her assistant. For someone who appreciates the little things, this experience was an absolute delight. Would highly recommend.

-Menachem S. (ZocDoc)



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